Dan Parker

After completing a foundation diploma in Art & Design, I decided to start my career in the design industry and I am currently working as an In-House Graphic Designer at alternate education provider, 'UKCBC'. Here I work within the Marketing Department alongside one other designer and a digital marketing and content team.

I produce a wide variety of work ranging from print and digital design to the production of videos. I balance my day job with personal creative work and therefore enjoy digital illustration - mainly consisting of stylized portraits. Having a wide range of strengths is important to me and I am always looking to broaden my skill set as much as possible.

I consider my creative approach to be extensive, approaching each brief as a problem with many different solutions. After a detailed research period, the planning stage begins where multiple directions can be planned and visualised. From there on a route can be chosen and the design process can begin. The goal is always to solve problems with memorable and original solutions.


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